Kotobuki Showten Inc,

We are the fish wholesaler with a good selection of freshness, and own the Izakaya restaurants in Nagoya

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Greetings From President

When you get serious about anything, you can do it.

Since we founded our company in 1994, we were dedicated to our work every day with the phrase above emphasizing the motto "Let us have our work as appreciated." 。
Kotobuki Showten started as a small fisher's tennant in a supermarket. Now we have expanded our business to restaurant Ishiki, wholesale, retail, and online shopping.

To all yet each field of buiness enterprise in detail, fisherman as our basis has never fail to motivate us to improve further more, and our wish "to deliver the quality fish with our refined eye and knowledge" has never changed.
We are currently promoting Whale Eating as for the Japanese traditional food culture.
I was born as Japanese, and grew up to engage in the industry around the fish and ocean. I would like everybody to become familiar with not only the taste and nutrition, but also the influence of whale as the entire oceanic eco system. As my wish is to pass this precious Japanese culture down to the next generations, I realize my mission is to spread the idea of whaling as preserving and its correct knowledge.

Our goal is to be appreciated as we work by always taking a point of our customers' view and committing ourselves to achieve their satisfaction. We believe that having our staff to is ... intangible assets to our company and to our customer. In order to accomplish, I wish our company is the best place to realize the self-fulfillment to each individual of our staffs.

With the phrase when you get serious about anything, you can do it, we would like to continue for everybody who is involved and delivering smiles and excellence. We believe our cravings for the new challenge will never have a place to end.
Please spare your precious thoughts and supports.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Takashi Mori

 President Takashi Mori

About company

Business name Kotobuki Showten Inc,.
Corporate headquarter 1-49-18 Shinsakae, Naka Ward, Nagoya
Operational Headquarter 1-49-18 Shinsakae, Naka Ward, Nagoya
Foundation December 6,1994
Representative Takashi Mori
Capital 10 million yen
Company creed Fish wholesaler
Directly managing restaurant When you get serious about anything, you can do it.
Restaurants Shimono Ishiki [1-49-18 Shinsakae, Naka Ward, Nagoya TEL:052-269-3251]
Shimono Ishiki Nishiki [2-4-11 Nishiki Naka Ward, Nagoya TEL:052-265-5573]
Tempura Shimono Ishiki [3-17-10 Marunouchi Naka Ward, Nagoya TEL:052-265-5896]
Shopping Official,
Rakuten ichiba,



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