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We are the fish wholesaler with a good selection of freshness, and own the Izakaya restaurants in Nagoya

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Fresh quality food delivered on top of your table.

Raw ingredient/Sashimi

Great freshness! Selections are indifinite because of the 30-year experienced chef's choice.

and more!
We can prepare the fish in a half or quarter size as you need.
We can take your request.

Raw tuna.

We have raw tuna too!We can provide fresh and fatty flesh tuna with the wholesale price.

Raw Kihada tuna (block-cut size)
and more!

Entitled No.1selection in Nagoya. The most alluring ingredient: WHALE

We directly retail from the only whaling company that exists in Japan, thus, we can give you the whale meat with the low prices, even that is less commonly available.
Now drawing a lot of attention from media that the whalemeat is its tradition and effect for the beauty care.

popular in Ishiki restaurant, Whale harihari-nabe for 1person, \1,980

Aged red meat. (for sashimi)
we deliver after having the whalemeat aged
in our company. Very condensed and very tender.
[Menu example]
Aged sashimi: \800, Rare steak: \980, Deep fried Tatsuta: \880 etc.
Hongawa for sashimi
You can get a good broth out of hongawa so that you can use it for various purposes.
[Menu example]
Harihari-Nabe for 1: \1,980, Kujira miso soup: \ \520, Sumiso-ae(marinated with Sour-miss): \580 etc.
Onomi for sashimi
This is a high-grade part of meat. Only a few shop have one for sale.
[Menu example]
Onomi Sashimi: \2,300 etc.
Kanoko for sashimi
Fatty belly meat. Very unique that the meat fat will melt on your tongue by the body temperature.
[Menu example]
Kanoko Sukiyaki for 1: \1,980, Kanoko toro sushi 3pc: \1,200 etc.
Skin bacon, Unesu bacon
Everyone's favorite, yet very classy and never intimidating.
[Menu example]
Whale bacon sampler for 1: \1,500, Bacon salad: \880 etc.

I want make my product distinctive!I want raise average customer spend!


Popular products for quick use


  • Ankimo (cooked) 200g/1pc
  • Kanimiso 300g/1pc
  • Hizunamasu 500g/1pc

No.1 Awarded in Rakuten Ranking!!

Convenient frozen food

Fewer pieces to waste!
We provide to other client resutaurants.
Please try our product first.

  • Indian tuna toro kama from 1pc -
  • Tuna cheak meat 500g -
  • and more

Delivering Area Map

We will gladly accept the request to deliver.
※If you order online, we can deliver nation-wide through Yamato Transport.

Aichi Pref.) Nagoya, Toyota, Ichinomiya, Nisshin, Owariasahi
Gifu) Kani, Tajimi

Delivering Area Map

The product list is partial.
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Telephone inquires : Business Hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00 - 17:00 (except Wednesday)

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